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We’re Creative

We will create things you find impossible. We write scenarios, draw storyboards and design logic and functionality for games and applications. Simply, we’re creative and we’re not ashamed of our ideas.

We’re Crazy for Technology

We want to show Slovakia modern and original ways of presentation. We create the craziest ideas and concepts. We accept every challenge and look forward to each new solution.

We Offer Customized Solutions

We try to take into account your every requirement during the creation of a draft, and then introduce unique, sometimes slightly wacky solutions. With us, you need to be prepared for anything.

About Us

We’re a young team of new technology enthusiasts, we love new challenges, and we have insight into the current trends of content presentation. We mainly work for museums, galleries, cultural institutions, but also for the private sector.

Who Are We?

We create and design modern ways of presentation through the technological novelties on offer. We bring original solutions and ideas for expositions, galleries, events and out of home presentations. We accept every challenge and we look forward to every idea tailored for your requests.

The Institute of Technology and Innovation has been on the market since 2008, and has gradually profiled itself as a company which offers non-standard, original technological solutions, the creation of visual content and forms of non-traditional presentation for the private and public sectors.

Our Skills

Creative content
Project Management
Graphic design
UX design and development
Video production


In every area, we try to offer ideas and solutions that will enable us to reach your objectives together.

Project Documentation of Exhibitions and Expositions

We design creative content and technological solutions and we formulate complete project documentation for museums and galleries. Show everyone that you’re keeping up with the times.

Virtual Reality

The production of 360° photos and videos, which we implement into virtual glasses. We can create a nearly live virtual tour with engaging content which will give the viewer a unique experience. See more on

Large Screen Projection

3D video mapping on buildings and objects, spherical 360° projection and classic screen video projection will attract attention and spread your message to the viewer.

Creative Solutions

We will create what you think is impossible. We write scripts, draw storyboards and design logic and functionality for games and applications. Simply, we’re creative and we’re not ashamed of our ideas.

Augmented reality

The AR application offers a wide range of use. The principle is simple; you aim your cellphone at a sign and digital virtual content embedded in the real environment will appear. Inspire yourself by visiting

SMART foil

This is a special transparent foil, a form of a smart blind. The material is created from liquid-crystal polymers and can change appearance in a second.

Graphic Design and Video Production

We can prepare graphics, 2D, 3D, animations, video production, aerial drone shots, applications, game and web page design and other visual outputs, sometimes while you wait.


“WOW!” is the most apt interjection for a hologram. This magical device will project both unreal and real objects. For more information visit

LED and LCD Screens

An infinite number of types and models of display technologies. Screen, touchscreen, multi-touch. Who knows about these things? We do! We will advise, design and launch your own media channel.


LED floor developed for presentation use during temporary or permanent installations.


An entertaining kiosk for the little ones. Shock resistant.

3D Cinema

Complete custom-made system of stereoscopic projection. Comprehensive solution of space as well as content.


Box with an interactive screen for various kinds of applications, games and presentations.


Let the visitor look into your museum and gallery through an internet virtual tour.


The photobooth is designated for creating selfie videos in various areas. Connection with social media.


Digital navigation solution for shopping centers. Interactive kiosk with navigation system.


Interactive wall for expositions and exhibitions.


Creation of content and technical solutions on a screen, glass, wall and others.

3D Video Mapping

Large-screen projection on a building, in an interior space, on various objects. Creation of content, effects and animation.


The creation of a 360° projection with the help of a special lens built into the lower part of a globe.


Technology which creates a virtual area in any space. Control through hand movement.


Just a single touch will turn a common, boring glass area into an attractive space which will charm, entice and ensure privacy.


Custom made 3D racing games. Kiosk for interactive games.


3D projection of a video in an enclosed box. Various size options.

Aerial Drone Shots

Professional video and photo shots from a drone in high 4K quality and its processing into a unique work.


Large screens suitable for the interior as well as the exterior. Various dimensions and resolutions.


We create custom virtual content in accordance with modern trends in the area of design.

Exposure management system

We design and prepare a central control for controlling individual sections in the space. We determine what content and when it should be presented.

Application Development

We draft comprehensive solutions of various applications for smart devices.


  • All
  • Aerial shots
  • Animácia
  • Animation
  • Animation
  • Augmented reality
  • Digital exhibition
  • Digitale Ausstellung
  • Digitálna výstava
  • Erweiterte Realität
  • Expositions and exhibitions
  • Expozície a výstavy
  • Flugbilder
  • Grafický dizajn
  • Hologram
  • Hologramm
  • Interactive solutions
  • Interaktive Lösung
  • Interaktívne riešenia
  • Video mapping projection
  • Video mapping projection
  • Video Mapping Projection
  • Virtual reality
  • Virtual tour
  • Virtuálna prehliadka
  • Virtuálna realita
  • Virtuelle Realität
  • Virtuelle Schau






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Ústav technológií a inovácií s.r.o.
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