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This special transparent foil, which is applied to glass or plexiglass surfaces in a simple and quick manner, can transform the surface from transparent to opaque. You can change the transparency of a glass surface and thus have privacy in any space with a simple ON/OFF switch. Smart foil is an intelligent shade which can also function as a projection screen with HD resolution. It enables the projection of videos, pictures and presentations. The material of the intelligent foil is created from liquid-crystal polymers and can change appearance within a second. It is activated through electricity (switching into ON/OFF mode).

Just a single touch can transform a normal and boring glass space into an attractive area which will allure, engage and ensure privacy with its HD projection screen. It can also replace interior decorative material (curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters)

  • Change the degree of transparency in a second
  • Option of choosing size and color design
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Simple controls
  • Wide spectrum of use
  • Clean design